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Umbilical Cord Necklace

$195.00 - $275.00

***Not currently accepting new orders, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. I will announce there when I will be accepting orders again. Thanks for your patience****

These necklaces are made with the umbilical cord stump of a baby (the part that falls out of the baby's belly button at about 7-10 days old), sealed in resin and set in a custom made sterling silver form for mom (or dad!) to enjoy forever. As you can see from the photos, the shape is entirely determined by the shape of the cord stump and each one is custom made by me, Ruth Avra. The chain is adjustable with two size options for each necklace. For a custom size not listed please contact me. Most pieces take 10-12 weeks to complete (starting when I receive your stump). Please feel to contact me with any questions. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to children's charities.

SHAPE REQUEST - As you can see from the photos, some are shaped following the natural line of the umbilical cord itself, some are not. There are some where the outside shape is recognizable - like a circle or a heart. This is called a "shape request". There is no extra charge for a shape request, simply request it when contact you about shipping your stump. Thank you!

STAMPING - you may request letting stamping with your baby's initials to for the back of these pieces. Letting stamping is available at no additional charge, simply respond to my first email and request your letters.

I wear my special keepsake every day, I know you will absolutely love yours too!

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