To care for your jewelry please read the following tips:

My favorite tarnish remover for sterling SILVER is Tarn-X. It can be found at your local drugstore or grocery store in a black bottle with white writing. You can use it on any piece of that is made completely of silver (anything containing resin is ok as well). Immerse your all silver/gold jewelry into the solution for no more than 1-2 minutes, then clean thoroughly with dish soap and a toothbrush.

For pieces with RESIN, such as most keepsake pieces (including hair, ashes, and umbilical) follow instructions above with Tarn-X. Please make sure to store your jewelry in a dark place - such as a cabinet or drawer - away from direct sunlight. And remember to NEVER wear your jewelry in water of any kind. 

For wrap scrap pieces only use the polishing cloth included with your purchase. Contact Ruth Avra for a replacement if yours has wandered off.

For pieces with stingray or paintings (such as jewelry, NOT buckles) Tarn-X can also be used but make sure it only goes in the solution for a few seconds. Blackened jewelry should NOT be put in Tarn-X. If you have a piece that is bright in some areas, dark in others, only use a polishing cloth ONLY on those bright areas to clean them up. If your jewelry is all blackened it does not require polishing.

If your jewelry has STONES, I do not recommend using Tarn-X. Try plain dish soap and water with a soft toothbrush. A polishing cloth can also help, but should only be used dry.

BELT BUCKLES are always tricky to clean. I recommend a polishing cloth, but if that isn’t helping you can always send it back to me for a complete overhaul. For $125 I can take apart your riveted buckle, clean all metal, and replace the belt and stingray for an end result that looks as perfect as the day you bought it! Please contact Ruth Avra for more information: [email protected]

Got a cleaning question that you couldn’t find an answer to? Email me: [email protected]