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Baby Teeth Jewelry

$175.00 - $210.00

***Not currently accepting new orders, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. I will announce there when I will be accepting orders again. Thanks for your patience****

The latest addition to the Keepsake Collection is a beautiful and colorful line of jewelry incorporating your baby's teeth! Whether it's the first tooth lost or just that troublesome one you'll never forget, let Ruth Avra create a lasting keepsake just for you. These can be in the form of necklaces, rings or bracelets. They are custom made not only with an original setting to fit the tooth (or teeth as shown in this listings image), but also with the "background" color of your choosing. Add some glitter if you'd like! Prices start at $175 for a single tooth, $210 for two teeth, contact Ruth Avra for additional information. Orders take approximately 6 weeks to complete. Available in sizes 5-10.

*But what do I tell my kid? Great question, one that I've gotten a lot from those parents whose kids believe in the Tooth Fairy. Here is a suggestion: "The tooth fairy knows how much I love you, and you are growing up so fast! She wanted to give me a piece of you from your baby days, so she made me this beautiful ring. And look at that sparkle! She even dropped a bit of fairy dust in there to prove it's from her!" Or, alternatively, in my house it goes a bit more like this: "Mommy left a note under her pillow with some money asking the tooth fairy if she could buy your tooth back so she could make some jewelry with it! Now I get to keep a little part of you with me always".