What is Mama Metal? It's a term used to describe jewelry made with parents and children in mind. This jewelry is made to withstand significant tugging while being worn on a parent, created with materials safe for baby/toddler to handle, and is free of sharp corners or removable components that could be harmful. 

While nursing or babywearing, many parents find this jewelry to be wonderful entertainment for their babies and toddlers. They often have a lovely faint chime that make babies smile, and provide hours of entertainment.

But why is this important? Many parents have trouble with babies free hands while babywearing or nursing. Commonly a parent's hair is tugged on (and often pulled out!), exposed skin in scratched and baby can get bored or distracted easily. Mama Metal keeps babies and toddlers entertained, happy and soothed. 

But remember...

* Mama Metal is meant to be played with ONLY while being worn by a parent. It is not a toy for babies to play with independently and should not be expected to withstand wear outside of intended use.  

* Mama Metal is not meant to be a chew toy for littles, it should only be handled and not put in their mouth.

* Not all jewelry is Mama Metal, so ask questions and be specific.

Thank you! Ruth Avra