Image of Umbilical Cord Necklace
  • Image of Umbilical Cord Necklace
  • Image of Umbilical Cord Necklace
  • Image of Umbilical Cord Necklace
  • Image of Umbilical Cord Necklace

Umbilical Cord Necklace


These necklaces are made with the umbilical cord stump of a baby (the part that falls out of the baby's belly button at about 7-10 days old), sealed in resin and set in a custom made sterling silver form for mom to enjoy forever. As you can see from the photos, the shape is entirely determined by the shape of the cord stump and each one is custom made by me, Ruth Avra. The chain is adjustable with two size options for each necklace. For a custom size not listed please contact me.

Here's how it works... Contact me and let me know what you are interested in, you can choose a necklace or ring or if you have another idea feel free to suggest it! I will quote you a price, starting at $175 (for sterling silver, although I am happy to work in gold and platinum), and then you send me the cord and I will get started. Most pieces take 4-6 weeks to complete. Please feel to contact me with any questions. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to children's charities.

I wear my special keepsake every day, I know you will absolutely love yours too!

Customer Testimonial:
"I received the amazing "stump" necklace - I couldn't be more excited about a piece of jewelry. It is exquisitely done and just fantastic. I can't believe how much work you must have put into it - and the initials are the best. It was truly a memorable birthday gift. You are truly amazing to have created such masterpiece. You rock." -T

These pieces can be easily kept looking new by using a silver cleaner found at most drug or grocery stores called Tarn-X. Simply pour the solution in a cup and place the entire necklace in for less than 30 seconds. Take it out and gently clean with dish soap.
Teach your little one not to bite on the necklace, no matter how much they want to! And try not to let them pull on it too hard. Please don't wear it in the water.
Of course, sometimes things happen. I am always happy to fix your necklace (usually for no charge). Simply email and tell me the problem, and I'll let you know what to do.